Mystery Donor Foots Bill of Dog Stabbed With Machete

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A mysterious donor paid for a dog’s medical bill after it defended its owner from an attacker wielding a machete.

Mercey, the four-year-old dog who sustained several life threatening stab wounds, defended her female owner from four male attackers Tuesday.

The woman sustained minor injures including bruises and cuts.

City cops donated $400, which was combined with a similar payment from the dog’s owner and a donation from the veterinary clinic.

A $1,000 donation was also made by an anonymous contributor.

Emergency veterinarian Brent Jackson said the man dropped $1,000 in cash on the counter, and said only that he wanted to donate anonymously to Mercey’s care.

“That really was enough to cover the rest of the bill,” Jackson said.

Jackson added that people are still trying to donate, and that the public response has been wonderful.

Mercey made a quick recovery and was ready to return home on Thursday. She no longer uses IV fluids and is already moving around on her own.

Dylan Ian Machiskinic, Clinton Neil Wabasca, Charlie Jean Chalifoux, and a 15-year-old male have been charged with breaking and entering and cruelty to an animal.

Sources: MSN, Edmonton Sun


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