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Mysterious Skull Found In Kentucky Sinkhole Determined To Be Thousands Of Years Old

When a sinkhole was recently discovered on a Kentucky farm, nobody expected what they would find inside.

While mowing the lawn on Tuesday, a man looked inside the sinkhole and discovered a human skull. 

Authorities investigated the scene and processed evidence as a homicide case, but as it turns out, the skull belonged to someone who lived thousands of years ago.

According to Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton, the skull was found 10 feet and nine inches into the 12 foot deep sinkhole. 

At the time of discovery, Melton said the skull could have been down there for years, but was unsure exactly how old it may be.

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Franklin County Coroner William Harrod said that the skull has now been determined to be between 1,000 to 3,000 years old. He said that the skull was of a Native American indigenous to the area. He added that it was possibly a male, although that is "pure speculation."

"We appreciate the work of Mr. Harrod and Sheriff Pat Melton in helping recover these priceless artifacts," said landowner Susan Knoll. "We will work with the proper authorities to reinter the remains to the original site."

Sources: Daily Mail, WKYT / Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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