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Mysterious Russian Sea Monster Identified As Beluga Whale By Scientists

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The mysterious skeleton that washed up on Russian shores in 2006 has finally been identified by marine scientists as a beluga whale.

Initial tests on the skeleton, which also had hair or fur, confirmed that it wasn’t a fish, alligator or a crocodile. While many believed that the skeleton could be the remains from a prehistoric creature or even a sea monster, marine experts recently confirmed that it was a large beluga whale.

Marine scientists also released a picture of a whale’s skull to compare it to the 20-foot long remains.

The remains were originally discovered by Russian soldiers on the shoreline in Sakhalin, an island in eastern Russia near Japan. The first pictures that emerged were taken by the soldiers before the remains were removed by Russian special forces.

Last year, a similar-looking skeleton washed up in Spain after an unfortunate swimmer bumped into its head. The exact origin of the creature is still unknown, and because of its deteriorated state it was buried without further examination.

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