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Mysterious Red Lights Flash At White House (Video)

Mysterious red lights were seen flashing at the White House on May 28, capturing the imaginations of many nationwide (video below). Now, the secret service has confirmed that the lights came from a passing ambulance.

President Donald Trump was back at the White House after a nine-day international trip when cameras caught the unusual lights, reports the New York Post.

Pulsing red lights emanated from the building's second floor for about 20 minutes at around 8:30 p.m., fueling a flurry of speculation on social media.

Some jokingly wondered if Trump was throwing a party, while others wondered if he was interacting with the Russians -- or aliens.

"Red lights??????" wrote one person on the New York Post's Facebook page. "Definitely signaling the Kremlin and Putin .... that's the 'I'm home, call me on the bat phone' signal. Duh."

"Aliens came to remove present administration and move them to 'urANUS' where they belong," added another.

Others speculated he brought back the orb, which also became a social media meme, from Saudi Arabia. A few also joked Trump was just using a tanning bed.

"Trump's sunbed is trying to disintegrate him," tweeted one person.

Others were more serious.

One pondered if it was simply a reflection from a nearby emergency vehicle in the area. Another thought the lights were merely a distraction.

"Theory: Distraction," tweeted one person. "The Admin is messing with social media. It is a minor light show created in the President's private dining room."

A few thought the speculation was getting out of hand.

"Oh come on, Really?" commented one person on InfoWars' website. "Really! ... People see a red strobe and they freak out? Really? Wtf."

"So many real issues to deal with and people are tweeting about red strobe lights in the White House," added another.

"Kindof surprised they didn't say something about hitler... but they will eventually... All leftard conversations devolve to something about hitler... We'll just have to wait a bit longer…," wrote a third.

At first, the White House did not comment on the lights, but according to the Daily Mail, the Secret Service has confirmed that the lights were from a passing ambulance, and the red reflected on the windows of the White House.

It's not the first time since Trump took office the White House has captured national attention for unusual activity.

In March 2017, two men jumped the fence into the White House within a span of 10 days, one of whom a mentally ill man, USA Today reports.

Since then, White House security has been increased, with the White House considering restricting public access.

"This is not going to impede the public's ability to take the iconic photo of the White House,'' Secret Service spokeswoman Catherine Milhoan reassured. "It's still there. It's just going to be pushed back a little further.''

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