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Mysterious Object Caught On Video Being Towed Near Area 51 Base (Video)

Shocking footage has surfaced online of a strange, spherical structure being towed through the Nevada desert with police escorts.

The video (below) was recorded in 2013 near Area 51, the infamous site rumored to be a secret headquarters where authorities meet to study and dissect alien life forms, the Daily Mirror reported.

The footage shows a truck driving past a gas station in Nevada with a large, disc-shaped object strapped to the back of the vehicle. The video has received more than 230,000 views since being uploaded to Dailymotion.

Those who viewed the video have been speculating as to what the mysterious object could have been. Among the more popular theories is that the structure was a UFO, or alien spaceship.

One commentator pointed out that over-sized loads are usually transported during daylight hours. The video was recorded at night, making the operation seem more suspicious.

But not everyone was convinced the truck was towing an alien aircraft. One commentator argued that the object was “a B-2 stealth drone,” not a UFO.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Sources: Daily Mirror, Dailymotion / Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube

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