Mysterious Dome Discovered On Mars (Photo)


UFO hunters say that they’ve spotted military bunkers and coffins on Mars, including a man-made dome left behind by the planet’s alien race (video below).

Enthusiasts said that a glow or light in the middle of the dome, as evidenced in photos of the planet’s surface, is proof of a metallic service reflecting sunlight.

“The existence of domes on Mars proves that someone or something built them in the past,” The Mirror Spectrum reported on Nov. 23. “Is it possible that we are looking at some sort of building left behind by ancient inhabitants on Mars?”

The writer postulated that the dome could be evidence of previous life on Mars.

“While it could be some sort of natural rock formation, that would seem to be extremely strange, we cannot dismiss the fact that we could be looking at the remains of an alien structure on Mars,” the writer added.

The website also noted that NASA has allegedly developed a secret space program, which might also explain the "dome" on Mars.

Similar structures on Mars have been found in the past and are largely considered to be the result of ancient eruptions, which formed flat and wide volcanoes, according to the Mysterious Universe blog.

Sources: The Mirror SpectrumMysterious Universe / Photo Credit: Mysterious Universe

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