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Renewed Campaign To Find Missing Baby Lisa

It has been five years since 10-month-old “Baby Lisa” Irwin vanished from her Kansas City home on October 4, 2011.

Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, have never given up hope of her safe return, and now new efforts have reignited the search, reports the Daily Mail.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children created an image to show what Lisa may look like now, and it is prominently featured on the family’s website devoted to bringing her home.

The site features the message: "To whoever has Lisa now -- please do the right thing for Lisa! You can drop Lisa off at a hospital, fire-station, church, YMCA or anywhere else safe. Please bring our Lisa home!"

"We have been without our baby girl Lisa for too long!!!!!" the family continues. "We beg anyone that might know something to please call the tips hotline or 911!!! Do the right thing for Lisa!!!"

In addition to the new poster and website, Lisa’s parents have also plastered their hometown with large signs about her case. However, following neighbor complaints, the city informed them that the number of signs exceeds the limit allowed by city code, and ordered that some of them be removed, the Daily Mail reports.

Lisa was last seen on Oct. 4, 2011. According to her parents, someone broke into the home and took her from her crib while her mother was sleeping and her father was working the late shift.

Although they remain optimistic, the fact that Lisa has been missing for five years has taken its toll.

“It gets harder each year,” Bradley admits. “We get close to this time, and we keep thinking it has been another year gone and she’s not home. The holidays are around the corner, and her birthday. It’s harder to function and harder to cope.”

According to Kansas City Police, there have been no developments on the case, but it remains open and investigators are following all leads.

Anyone with information about Lisa's disappearance is asked to call 816-474-TIPS. A 100,000 reward is offered, according to the family's website.

Sources: Daily Mail, Find Lisa Irwin / Photo Credit: Find Lisa Irwin

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