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Holland Man Spots Mysterious Blue UFO In The Sky (Video)

A Netherlands man claims he spotted a blue UFO flying through the sky, and the footage he was able to record clearly proves it.

Dick Smits was at his home in Maassluis, just south of The Hague, videotaping a boat on a canal through his window. Suddenly, Smits noticed something in the sky, so he turned the attention of the camera to what appeared to be a blue flying object.

When looking at the unknown object, it first appears to be what we call a flying saucer. Watching more closely, however, it does seem possible that object could be some sort of manmade aircraft. Some are speculating that the object could very well be a US stealth aircraft or the highly publicized unmanned X-47B drone.

Smits says he has no idea what the object is and couldn’t provide an explanation of how it eventually disappeared from the sky.

“It is in chameleon mode,” pointed out one user on the Huffington Post report. “It is probably a f-22 stealth fighter.”

“Because if it WAS aliens, they would likely be compiling information so they can engineer a bioweapon to release into the atmosphere and exterminate us,” wrote another user. “But it's not; I don't believe aliens have ever been here, but, if they should ever arrive, we're toast.”

So, needless to say, nobody knows for sure what this mysterious object is, and despite all the theories, we’ll probably never know the truth.


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