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Mysterious Blue Object Found In Carton of Blue Bell Ice Cream (Video)


A Texas family has discovered something strange in a carton of Blue Bell ice cream (video below).

Luis Vasquez of Houston said his family was nearly finished with the half gallon of Blue Bell Cookies N' Cream ice cream in his refrigerator when his wife noticed a hard blue object embedded in the ice cream, Channel 2 News reported on Oct. 15. 

According to Vasquez, the strange object was quite large, and appeared to be a frozen latex glove or a piece of hard plastic. 

“As soon as we saw it I told my wife to leave it alone, we didn’t touch it,” Vasquez told Channel 2 News.  “Thinking about it now, there might have been plastic or a glove shredded in there and we might have eaten small pieces of it without even knowing.”

After the family notified Blue Bell Creameries of their discovery, the company sent a representative to the Vasquez home to retrieve the blue object for testing. 

Investigators in Blue Bell's Quality Control Lab are currently still analyzing the mysterious object, though the company has promised to share the lab's findings with Vasquez as soon as the object is identified. 

 “We will attempt to identify [the object] in our Quality Control lab," the Texas-based company said in a statement to Channel 2 News. "Until we are able to analyze the object and determine its origin, we cannot speculate on any findings.

"We take all such matters very seriously, and we regret any inconvenience and concern this may have caused the consumer."

Vasquez said that he and his wife bought Blue Bell Cookies N' Cream all the time because it was their children's favorite. However, the discovery of the mysterious blue object has made him wary of buying the product again. 

He added that he is disappointed in the company and expected more from them. 

This is not the first time an unidentified object was found in a carton of Blue Bell ice cream. In September, a woman in Bryan, Texas, was fixing herself a bowl of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream when she discovered what appeared to be a plastic machinery part buried in the carton, KBTX News 3 Tonight reported at the time. 

Former employees at the company's Brenham, Texas, production facility told the Houston Chronicle that health and safety standards at the plant slipped after the company's recent expansion, according to KBTX.

Sources: Click2Houston/Channel 2 News, KBTX News 3 Tonight

Photo Credit: Larry D. Moore/Wikimedia Commons, Jonny Hunter/Flickr


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