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'I Was Shooting': Cancer Survivor Fends Off Five Armed Robbers

A Michigan woman who got her concealed pistol license (CPL) three years ago after being robbed put it to good use Tuesday morning.

Dietta Gueye, 34, told WJBK (video below) she was in bed sound asleep when five men broke in through the front window of her Detroit home at 2:30 a.m. What the men probably didn’t know was that Gueye had a gun, and she wasn’t afraid to use it.

"Imagine being woke up out of your sleep with somebody (holding) a gun in your face," she said. "My first reaction was survival. My first thought was shoot."

Gueye said the men avoided the backyard where she kept her dogs and used a crate to climb through the front window. She couldn’t really see because the men had taken the light bulb from the front porch, but that didn’t stop her from defending herself.

The cancer survivor had her gun by her bedside. She grabbed it and started firing away.

"As soon as I was able to feel the barrel of my gun - I shot - and I was shooting," Gueye said.

One of the intruders was shooting back as the men tried to escape. One man tried fleeing through the upstairs but couldn’t get out. The suspect then went back downstairs and fired one last shot, which hit Gueye in the thigh.

"The bullet it went in and it came out," Gueye said.

The bullet exited her thigh and went into the wall next to her window, just a few feet below from where Gueye keeps a rosary.

“I'm just thanking God that it turned out the way that it did and she didn't get harmed," Diane Swift, Gueye’s mother, told WJBK. "She got injured but we can patch that up."

This incident comes only a day after a woman shot a 16-year-old gunman who tried to carjack her in Auburn, Michigan. Gueye says more power to her and is encouraging other women to defend themselves.

"I just want to encourage a lot of women to get their CPL," Gueye said. "And don't be scared if you've got to protect yourself and your life. Do not be scared."

Sources: WJBK, The Detroit News

Photo Credit: The Detroit News


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