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Muslim Women Harassed And Spit On By Postal Worker On Camera (Video)

A U.S. Postal Service worker is accused of assaulting two Muslim sisters in Brooklyn, New York, one of whom was with her baby at the time (video below).

Police told DNAinfo 33-year-old Dainton Coley bumped into the women and began yelling at them on the evening of Nov. 20. He then proceeded to threaten them, according to police and the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

"Telling them 'I'm going to bomb your temple,' and when he followed them inside the Yemeni grocery store after the customers there pushed him out, he told them, 'I'm waiting outside, come so I can attack you,'" Sadyuia Khalique of CAIR told ABC 7.

Coley then allegedly followed them down the street and spit in one of their faces. They went into NBA Deli, but Coley reportedly continued to harass them.

Gameel Abdulla, the owner of the deli, stepped in to protect the women. "I came in between [them] because the woman had a baby. I did not want the baby to get hurt,” he said. "The woman was telling him stop following them and to leave them alone.”

Coley reportedly only relented when one of the women began yelling back at him and rushed after him. 

Yousif Adailam, a clerk at the store, said Coley has had problems at the deli before. “He comes here a lot and is always drinking on the job,” he alleged. “He always has a beer in his hand and sometimes bothers customers.”

Coley is facing hate crime charges.

Sources: DNAinfo, ABC 7 / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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