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Muslim Student Attacked By Man Yelling 'Trump'


A Muslim college student was allegedly attacked by a man shouting racial epithets, as well as, "Trump, Trump, Trump!"

Khondoker Usama, the student body vice president at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas, was filling his vehicle at a gas station near campus with a Hispanic friend when the incident occurred.

The attacker, who is believed to be in his 20s or 30s, soon began calling a black customer a racial epithet.

"Then suddenly it turned onto us, calling us ‘brown trash, go home. Trump will win,’" Usama told the Wichita Eagle. The man then approached Usama and his friend, telling them that they "better leave" if they want to "live in this country."

"This is my country; who are you to tell me that?” his friend told the man.

Usama tried to calm the situation, but his friend was subsequently punched and tackled to the ground. Usama attempted to intervene, but the man reached for his pocket which prompted him to back away.

"He kept kicking the student who was laying on the ground," he said. "He was kicking him; it was a gut-wrenching scene. He saw that I was calling the police and got back on his motorcycle and circled around us and was saying ‘Trump, Trump, Trump, we will make America great again. You losers will be thrown out of the wall.’"

Usama said he and his friend did not know the attacker.

"I don’t know why anyone would do anything so hateful and so wrong to any individual," he said. His friend suffered bruises to his face, though he was unsure as to any other injuries he suffered.

Usama told KAKE that a hate crime was committed, and stood by that statement after surveillance video was released. He called the incident "absolutely traumatic."

"I would like to see that justice has been served and I would like to see that we as a community we stand united and we would move forward from this dent in our social life," he told the station.

Moussa Elbayoum, chairman of the board of the Kansas chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations condemned the attack in a statement shared by the Wichita Eagle.

"We urge law enforcement authorities to treat this alleged assault as a hate crime and for local, state and federal elected officials and candidates to repudiate the apparent political and racial motive for the attack," Elbayoum's statement read. "Donald onald Trump should himself repudiate this alleged hate crime, apparently committed by one of his supporters."

Sources: Wichita Eagle, KAKE / Photo credit: KAKE

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