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Muslim Refugees Ignore Trump Ban, Learn Hard Lesson

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Muslim refugees arrived at airports across the country, thinking that President Trump’s immigration ban was ruled unconstitutional thanks to lawsuits brought on by the ACLU. What they didn’t know, however, was that the ban wasn’t going away so easily.

Following Trump’s ban, which barred people from entering the U.S. that came from seven Muslim-majority countries, a federal judge blocked the order and all was seemingly well. It was soon discovered, however, that the block stopped short of letting those who’d been detained into the country or labeling the ban unconstitutional. 

The Department of Homeland Security released a statement saying it would continue to enforce the ban despite the federal judge’s ruling.

“Prohibited travel will remain prohibited,” the statement said, saying that the executive order was a “a first step towards re-establishing control over America’s borders and national security.”

One of the individuals who filed a lawsuit alongside the ACLU was Hameed Khalid Darweesh, an interpreter who worked for the U.S. for over a decade in Iraq. He was detained for almost 19 hours.

“What I do for this country? They put the cuffs on,” Darweesh told the New York Times. “You know how many soldiers I touch by this hand?”

Many readers applauded the Trump administration’s determination and refusal to back down from its executive order.

“So glad we have a President that can say no! We can't except plane loads and boat loads of people from other countries! We have enough to take care of which includes all our soldiers who are suffering from the effects of serving this beautiful country of ours. My ancestors worked long hard hours to help make America the land that it is!” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“These people are coming here to do what? Do they plan to become productive US citizens that will obey our laws? Do they have homes to go to? Who is giving them medical care and food? Do they have vehicle's to get them to work? What do they have to offer America? We who were born from American Parents need to be protective and protect our country! This new vetting process will be slow but secure. There has to be a limit on how many we take in also. If this causes a war as it is doing on the streets by protestors then so be it! Either get on board with us Americans that care about this country and it's citizens or leave! Please.”

Sources: Newsiosity, New York Times, Newsiosity/Facebook / Photo credit: Newsiosity 

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