Muslim Mob In Egypt Attacks 70-Year-Old Christian Woman


A 70-year-old Christian woman was beaten, stripped and paraded naked in the streets by a Muslim mob in Egypt.

The Orthodox Coptic church and security officials said the assault took place on May 20 in the Minya province village of Karama, The Guardian reports. It occurred because the woman’s Christian son allegedly had an affair with a Muslim woman, an act prohibited in Egypt.

Security officials, speaking with anonymity because they were not given permission to discuss the case with the media, said they have arrested six men who are believed to have been a part of the violent attack. They are still searching for 12 more.

As many as 300 men were part of the mob, RT reports.

The woman was dragged from her home, beaten and insulted before her clothes were stripped from her body. She was forced to walk through the streets as the crowd chanted, “Allah Akbar," or "God is greatest,” according to Christian cleric Anba Makarios.

Police did not arrive at the scene of the violent attack until nearly two hours after it began, according to a statement made by Makarios.

“No one did anything and the police took no pre-emptive or security measures in anticipation of the attacks,” he said, referring to how the Christian man’s family had notified authorities of threats made against them by Muslim residents the day before the attack occurred.

“We are not living in a jungle or a tribal society," Makarios said. "It’s incorrect for anyone to declare himself judge, police and ruler."

The woman said she felt humiliated and filed a report with police five days after the incident.

​The mob also ransacked and torched the homes of seven Christian families.

The governor of Minya, Tarek Nasser, denied the woman was stripped naked in an attempt to downplay the attack.

“Some irrational youths threw flammable missiles at the houses of Christians in the village and some women ran away in their nightgowns,” he said, according to RT.

Sources: The Guardian, RT / Photo credit: Darla Hueske/Flickr

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