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'Run Over The Two-Month-Old Baby': Hamas Celebrates 'Auto Intifada' Deaths (Video)

Two Palestinian singers have released a song, currently making the rounds on social media, urging fellow Arabic speakers to “run over” Jews and Israeli babies. 

The song is referred to by many as “Car Intifada” according to The Jewish Press. It is believed to be inspired by a recent spate of attacks on Jewish civilians, in and around Jerusalem, in which Palestinians have driven their cars into crowds gathered at rail stations. 

CNN reports at least two such incidents have occurred in recent weeks. One reportedly killed a 3-month-old baby. Two others were also killed in the attacks. 

The radical Palestinian group, Hamas, praised the attacks almost as soon as they happened.

“Hamas blesses the action. What is happening in Jerusalem is pushing us to prepare for war,” a statement from the group said, referring to increasing tensions between Palestinians and Jews in the city. 

Jewish settlements in the West Bank are at the heart of the ongoing controversy. 

“They (settlers in the West Bank) ran over our child two months ago, so we now reply back,” the song goes, according to a Haaretz translation. “Run over, run over the settlers.”

“Run over the two-month-old baby. That is how we get them,” the lyrics continue, according to another translation provided by The Jewish Press. “For Al-Aqsa we will run over settlers. Run over settlers. Make the road become a trap.”

Al-Aqsa refers to the Mosque on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. 

The two men in the video are identified as Anas Garadat and Abu Khayad. As of Sunday evening the video had reportedly been viewed over 300,000 times. 

Although reportedly praised by many Palestinian social media users, some denounced the lyrics as being too extreme and violent. 

“Yes, you have to fight the Jewish settlers and the occupation, but not this way, because it will harm the interests of the Palestinian people,” wrote one social media user, identified only as “Ahmed,” according to TheBlaze.

Sources: The Jewish Press, CNN, Haaretz, TheBlaze

Photo Source: TheBlaze


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