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Music Video With Drugs And Guns Gets Teens Evicted

A Youtube music video featuring drugs and guns caused officials to evict several families from a federally subsidized Florida apartment complex, reports WFTV.

Rap group YJB stars in the music video for their song “Take Off,” posted in early March of this year, in which the young people show off their guns and drugs in front of the Windsor Cove apartment complex.

"Yeah, I know all of them," resident Katherine Sims said when a reporter showed her the music video. "That's Windsor Cove."

Unfortunately for the young adults, the HUD-subsidized apartment complex bans all gun possession. When Windsor Cove managers recognized some of the faces in the video, they evicted several families for breaking the apartment complex policy.

“It does concern me because my grandkids walk and play out here,” Sims said.

Sims added that the young men should go to jail because they have made the area unsafe for younger children in the apartment complex, according to the Blaze.

“It is dangerous, especially when they shoot up in the air like they don't have good sense," Sims said.

On the Fourth of July weekend, police reported that a group of thieves stole a large amount of high-powered guns from the Central Florida Fairgrounds gun show. Police tracked the guns to Windsor Cove, although they did not say what led them to the apartment complex. Last week, police were able to recover eight of the stolen guns, although according to officials, many more are still missing.

Managers of the apartment complex are working with police to determine if any Windsor Cove residents are also suspects in the gun heist, although it is unclear if police suspect anybody involved in the music video, according to WFTV.

“We (have) got to come together and get these guns off the streets,” said Rev. Stovelleo Stoval, who was trying to work with gun heist suspects, in the hopes of convincing them to surrender the stolen goods. “I’m very concerned about it.”

Sources: WFTV (2), The Blaze
Photo Credit: Screenshot/Youtube


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