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Murderer Updates Dead Teen's Facebook Status

A young girl's murderer updated her Facebook page last week to send her friends and family a chilling message which taunts them about the difficulty they're having in finding the killer.

Parwhine Luci Mejia Kaur, 18, was from Malaysia. She was found murdered last week with a cut on the front side of her neck.

She was missing for days before police found her body. They eventually came across her body, which was laid face down in a storm drain near a soccer field.

Police said a passerby reported her body around 7 p.m. Many of her possessions were scattered around her.

"Initial investigations also revealed that there was a cut on the front side of her neck," Yahaya Ramli, assistant commissioner for the Subang Jaya police, said.

Authorities are having difficulty tracking down the suspected murderer as Kaur's family and friends wait for answers. 

While they mourned the loss of their loved ones, Kaur's friends and family were reminded of the horrible tragedy when they saw her Facebook status was updated.

It said, "Hehe…no one cn. find me!!! Parhwine kaur's murderer."

It was commented on nearly 200 times as friends and family attempted to make it go viral in hopes that someone would have a clue about who the murderer is. 

Authorities could use the poster's IP address to track them down, but even then, it could have been posted by someone who wanted to play a prank.

Sources: Inquisitr,Social News Daily


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