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Convicted Murder Tries To Carve 6s Into Forehead Using Mirror, Ends Up With '999'

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Nikko Jenkins, a man convicted of four murders, was left with a series of 9s engraved into his face after he attempted to  carve "666" into his forehead while looking in the mirror.

Jenkins told Douglas County District Judge Peter Batallion during a telephone hearing that he had attempted to carve 6s into his face because his alleged mental illness was not being treated. It is suspected that the 28-year-old was self-mutilating in order to avoid the death penalty, according to some sources. 

Last year, Jenkins’ death penalty hearing was delayed when he self-mutilated for the first time. Currently, a hearing on Jenkins’ case is scheduled for July.

According to Jenkins, who was convicted in August 2013 of killing four people over the course of 10 days in Omaha, Nebraska, he acts according to instructions from a serpent god.

Prosecutors have claimed his statement is an act and an attempt to excuse his crimes. Psychiatrists are reportedly split on whether he is genuinely schizophrenic. 

Sources: NY Daily News, Metro

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