Murderer Of Heroic 6-Year-Old Who Saved His Sister Found Guilty


A man accused of killing a 6-year-old boy who saved his sister during an attack has been found guilty.

Osvaldo Rivera, 33, was accused of murdering Dominick Andujar, 6, when he tried to help his 12-year-old sister Amber as Rivera attacked her after breaking into their family’s home, reports The Daily Mail.

It was Amber’s screams that woke Dominick; when he saw what was happening, began to fight with Rivera.

Amber suffered from a slashed throat caused by Rivera, but was freed during the altercation and ran to a neighbor’s home for help.

Rivera also allegedly raped Amber during the attack.

Sadly, Dominick’s life was taken by Rivera as his throat was also cut. He was found dead in the home when police arrived.

In just under 3 hours, the jury made the decision to convict Rivera on all 11 counts he was facing, reports

Rivera was found guilty of Dominick’s murder, attempted murder, and aggravated sexual assault, as well as weapons and burglary charges.

Dominick remains seen as a hero to his family and authorities.

"He gave his life for his family," his mother, Debbie Burgos, said after the verdict. 

County Assistant Prosecutor Christine Shah said her office would seek a life sentence for Rivera.

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