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Debbie Flores-Narvaez Found: Sister Rages At Cops and Killer

Celeste Flores-Narvaez is mourning over the discovery of her sister’s brutal murder. Debbie Flores-Narvaez, the 31-year-old Las Vegas dancer who had gone missing a month earlier, was found dismembered and packed into two cement-filled tubs.

Celeste is not happy with police – "Right now, me and my family are not doing well, my mother found out online that Debbie’s body was dismembered. I’m furious with police for not telling us this information and having to find out what happened to my sister online."

Sister Celeste says that she wants accused killer JasonBlu Griffith to "suffer."  She added,"I’ll definitely be in court when Jason is scheduled to appear. There’s no question about it, I want to see this guy face-to-face. If there were no police officers in court, I’d handle him myself. He’s a monster. He thought he could get away with this."

Immediately after police discovered Debbie’s body, they moved in and arrested her ex-boyfriend, Jason Blu Griffith. He is currently being held without bail.

An angry Celeste went on, "I want him to look me dead in my eyes. I doubt he’d look at me but he’d feel my presence. I want him to feel my pain. My disgust. I want him to know he will suffer from this in every aspect. He’s lower than garbage. He’s dirt." A crying Celeste sobbed, "She was my loving sister. I will miss the memories we had, the times we shared."

Celeste says there will be three memorial services for Debbie before her remains are flown to Puerto Rico, where she will be buried.


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