Murder Victim's Coffin Popped Open During Funeral, Says Family (Video)

The casket of a murder victim Nequia Webb-Davidson reportedly popped open during her burial in Linden, New Jersey, in January 2014.

Webb-Davidson's family filed a lawsuit against the J. Foster Phillips Funeral Home and the Rosehill Cemetery in January 2015.

Webb-Davidson was shot and killed by her husband, Terrell Davidson, who then killed himself, on Jan. 12, 2014, in Chesterfield, Virginia, noted CBS New York (video below).

Her family hired the funeral home in Queens, New York, to transport her body from Virginia to New Jersey where cemetery workers were supposed to bury her, claims the lawsuit.

The lawsuit says workers tried to lower the coffin into a grave that was too small, the coffin became wedged and popped open allowing dirt inside, all while the grieving family watched.

The grave was dug wider, but the coffin still wouldn't fit, so family members say they were told the burial would be postponed, noted DNAInfo.com.

Sources: DNAInfo.com, CBS New York  / Image Credit: CBS New York Screenshot


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