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Murder Suspect's Mother Attacks Media, Charged with Assault (Video)

WBTV reporter Steve Ohnesorge was allegedly assaulted by Darlene Odom while covering the court appearance of her son Sharman Odom, who was arrested last weekend on a murder charge.

On a video (below) shot by Ohnesorge yesterday, Darlene shoves a cameraman from another station before appearing to bum rush Ohnesorge outside a Charlotte, N.C., courtroom, notes

Towards the end of the video, it appears that police officers are following Darlene.

Ohnesorge later tweeted a picture of his injured face with this caption:

Covering courts can be rough sometimes. This will leave a black eye.

According to, Darlene now has three misdemeanor assault charges for the incident.

WBTV reports that Darlene's son Sharman is accused of murdering teacher Maggie Daniels on June 28. Sharman took a "selfie" picture on his cell phone that appeared to show scratches on his face, which police believe was part of a struggle during the alleged murder in Newton, N.C.

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