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Murder Suspect Texts Friend: 'I Am Having Car Trouble And I Have A Body In The Trunk'

A Missouri man facing murder charges allegedly texted his friend a picture of a dead man’s body in his trunk requesting help for car trouble.

On Thursday, a car was found by a Butler County sheriff’s deputy with the body of Norman Jones in the trunk.

Jones, whose body were bound with an apparent ligature mark around his neck, had been reported missing by his wife the day before, reports Fox 2 Now. She had last seen him on Aug. 22.

Edward Weaver is believed to be the man responsible for Jones’ death.

Based on witness statements, investigators determined Weaver thought Jones had stolen pills from him.

Weaver sent a text message to a friend with a picture of Jones’ body in the trunk of his vehicle asking for help, according to an affidavit written by Sgt. Jeff Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol.

“I am having car trouble and I have a body in the trunk,” Weaver’s text message read.

Weaver also texted his father and said: “Dad, I may not see you for a while. I did what I had to do.”

A person of interest in the case, Amber McDannald, is currently being sought by police, PIX 11 reports.

Weaver is currently in police custody.

Sources: Fox 2 Now, PIX 11 / Photo credit: Fox 2 Now


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