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Murder Mystery In Washington State: Woman Found Dead In Her Apartment After Graphic Photos Of Lifeless Body Were Posted Online

Washington state police are currently investigating what appears to be a homicide case after photos of a dead woman surfaced online.

The body of the unidentified woman was discovered in her Port Orchard apartment in West Seattle after the photos were posted on the internet, said sheriff’s deputy Scott Wilson.

Wilson told the Kitsap Sun that the graphic photos of a woman’s lifeless body were posted anonymously on an image sharing website at approximately 3 pm, Tuesday. One of the pictures contained a caption that said the police would learn about the death once a family member reported it and interesingly enough, a half an hour after the images were shared online, that’s exactly what happened. Wilson declined to release the identity of the relative who reported the dead body.

While authorities are still unable to confirm whether the photos of the body are indeed of this particular victim, the sheriff’s office says they are taking this potential evidence very seriously.

Source: The Guardian


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