Muni Savyon Sends Email Warning Neighbors Before Publicly Killing 9-Year-Old Son, Then Himself


A gruesome murder-suicide in New Hampshire has left many with questions about whether it could have been prevented.

Muni Savyon, 54, was in the middle of a supervised visit with his son Joshua, 9, at a YWCA when he took a handgun out of his pocket and did the unthinkable in front of an adult supervisor. Now, reports claim that Savyon actually sent an email to neighbors not long before the incident to tell them what he would do and to warn them that there was nothing they could do to stop him.

"There's one important thing you should know: There was nothing that you, or anyone close to me, could have done to prevent the tragedy," Savyon wrote in the email. "Do you need to know why I did this? Never mind. The man is insane."

Savyon apparently made threats in the past to kill either the boy’s mother or he and his son, but it’s clear that not many took it seriously.

"You can only push someone so far before they snap. I've snapped," he allegedly told his Joshua’s mother Becky Ranes. "I live in New Hampshire and I now have a gun. It will be you or it will be me and Joshua. You will see it on the news."

Savyon and Ranes had been dealing with custody issues over their son Joshua for a while, but it appears that Savyon had been upset over the arrangements and wanted more time with his son. In the email that he wrote, Savyon apparently said that Ranes was not a good mother and a “bad influence” on Joshua.

“And now she will be left alone with the terrible sadness that her only son has been taken from her, a sadness that I am very familiar with," wrote Savyon.

Employees at the YWCA say that Savyon had gone through building security every other past visit, and that process included being scanned by a hand-held metal detector. On the day of Savyon’s fatal visit, however, the metal detector was not used, as security had become “loose” following budget cuts.

Savyon’s Rabbi Levy Krinsky of Chabad Lubavitch in Manchester says that the man attended synagogue every week, and that the entire community was in shock by what happened.

“What would provoke him to take his life and his son's life? I don't think anyone can figure that out,” said Rabbi Krinsky. “My heart goes out to the family.”


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