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Woman Reportedly Hoarded Her Mother's Mummified Body, Bottles Of Urine In Home

A mummified body of a 90-year-old woman was found on Saturday inside a home in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond neighborhood.

The body was discovered along with “rats, black widow spiders, 300 bottles of urine and mold on the walls,” according to The Blaze.

“The hoarding is reportedly so bad that it’s up to the ceiling,” District supervisor Eric Mar said, adding that the body was not immediately discovered by workers. Trash had to be removed by a professional cleaning crew before the body was located.

Authorities were notified of the mummified body by a tax consultant who stated one of the residents informed him of the body. The home was put up for auction and a notice was left. The daughter went to see a lawyer and that’s when she revealed there was a body inside the home, according to the LA Times.

The 65-year-old daughter who lived in the home was aware of the body but never notified authorities. It is believed that the 90-year-old woman died 5 years ago.

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Neighbors claim that the 65-year-old daughter lived with her mother in the home. They haven’t seen the mother in years. Authorities have not confirmed if the body is that of the mother.

Neighbor, Sharon Scott Kish told CBS, “I’m saddened that she couldn’t let her mother go.”

She added: “I saw her 3 days ago and I asked her, ‘Is your mother still with us?’ And she said ‘Yes.’ Delusional. She was with her. She was, she was still with her."

Bruce, who lives in the neighborhood, said he thought the home was deserted, “There were always these tattered curtains covering the windows and there were never any lights on.

“I always thought it was either abandoned or haunted or both. It’s horrifying to think someone actually lived in there,” he added, the NY Post reports.

The daughter has been taken to the hospital and is receiving medical attention for hoarding.

Sources: The Blaze, LA Times, CBS, NY Post

Photo: Wikimedia, SFGate/Twitter


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