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Multnomah County GOP Catches Heat For AR-15 Raffle

In what seems to be a really effective form of fundraising, the Multnomah County Republican Party is raffling off an AR-15.

Tickets can be bought for either $10 each or $100 for 12. To minimize criticism of the raffle, the tickets clearly state that winners must be over the age of 18 and pass a criminal background check in order to claim the prize.

“We have observed other groups being successful with similar fundraisers,” said Chairman Jeff Reynolds. “It’s a legal product for law-abiding citizens.”

However, not everyone is happy with the raffle. Most of the criticism seems to be over an unfortunate coincidence. The party announced the raffle on the sixth-month anniversary of the Clackamas Town Shooting, which saw two people fatally shot and another injured. Some are accusing the party of making a tasteless mockery of the shooting by announcing the raffle on the anniversary. The Multnomah party has not responded to the criticism, but count me in the group that thinks this is likely a coincidence rather than any kind of planned, sick joke.

Criticism aside, the party should make a good chunk of money from the fundraiser. Oregon politician, Tootie Smith, recently raised $3,000 by auctioning off a 9mm Glock. An Oregon softball team just raised more than $3,000 by auctioning off an AR-15.

Reynolds has no plans to stop auctioning off items that some have deemed inappropriate. He said the party might soon hold ammunition auctions in light of rising ammo costs. 



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