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Multi-Million Dollar Shoplifting Ring Busted in Detroit

Detroit police recently suspected three women were stealing over-the-counter medication from local CVS and Walgreens to make meth.

However, now police say the women were part of a multi-million dollar shoplifting ring that also included Victoria's Secret, reports KARE 11.

The women allegedly stole cold medicine, antacids, over-the-counter drugs and other items with specially-modified clothes.

After stealing as much as $15,000 worth of items in one day, the women would reportedly take the goods to a large warehouse where two men paid them $2,500 for products.

Local police claim that millions of dollars worth of merchandise was neatly stacked and sorted in the 7,600-square-foot warehouse.

"It was clean and tidy and well-run," Ferndale Police Chief Tim Collins told the Detroit Free Press.

Operating like a Costco, there was also a lift-truck that was used to move products around in the $200,000 warehouse.

The stolen items were allegedly sold on  eBay, Amazon and other sites that allow third-party sales.

The three women and two men were charged with organized retail crime, as well as receiving and concealing stolen property.

Sources: Detroit Free Press and KARE 11


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