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Mugger Steals Woman’s Purse, Gets Hit by Bus Seconds Later (Video)

The law of cause and effect, stoic as it may appear to be, sometimes demands swift action. Such was the case at a Bogota, Columbia bus station recently.

During the middle of the day, in a crowded bus stop, a would-be mugger attempted to rip a woman’s valuables from her hands.

After a brief struggle, the man turns to flee.

At the exact moment he exits the bus stop, the bus arrives and plows into him, completely laying him out.

Amazingly, the woman who had just been robbed is one of the first people to tend to the man as he is wedged between the bus and the curb.

The identities of the people involved have not been released, but the man received medical treatment and was arrested.

Sources: TheBlaze, I4U


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