Muffin the Cat Survives Being Buried Alive After Owner Thought She Was Dead


A cat in Illinois proved it had nine lives after its owner buried her alive thinking she had died. 

Muffin was found lying still and cold on the floor when Sarah McCallum came home. Her heart seemed to not be beating and McCallum decided she was dead. She wanted to bury her before her children came home so they wouldn't be as upset.

She put her in a cardboard USPS box and taped it shut to ward off any pests that would try to dig up her remains.

"She was completely lifeless," McCallum said.

McCallum then buried the box containing Muffin in her backyard.

When her kids came home from school, Bradley McCallum, 6, decided he wanted to plant a flower near her grave.

Once he started digging, though, he heard a faint meow.

"When I was burying a hole for it, I heard a meow," he said.

He told Sarah who then ran over with a shovel. 

"As soon as I put the shovel in the ground then I could hear her and then I couldn't move the dirt fast enough," she said.

As soon as they opened the box, Muffin jumped out and ran off. She was buried in the ground for 3.5 hours.

A vet told the family that she probably suffered a seizure, which would explain why she looked dead. Muffin is now taking 30 days of medicine for encephalitis.

Bradley is happy to have his cat back, especially since it was the only one that would cuddle with him.

Sources: News Fix, NY Daily News


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