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MTSU Frat In Trouble After Hanging Banner Targeting Freshman Girls

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A Tennessee fraternity house was suspended after hanging an inappropriate banner targeting freshmen girls.


An investigation is now underway into the Sigma Pi fraternity at Middle Tennessee State University, WREG News reported. Currently, it’s unclear who placed the sign outside the house.

While some students have argued that the banner is simply a joke, others have suggested that the sign is demeaning towards women.

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“No respect for women, females,” MTSU student Whitney Williams told WKRN News. “Freshmen girls need to be respected as me; I’m a junior. It’s a matter of watching what you say and knowing what the effects and the outcomes will bring.”

In a statement, Executive Director of Sigma Pi Fraternity Michael Ayalon explained that the fraternity condemns the use of sexist and demeaning banners. Ayalon added that the local fraternity members will be held accountable under the fraternity and university policies.

“The sign is inconsistent with the values we promote as a university,” Jimmy Hart, a representative from MTSU News and Media Relations, said. “We will continue to gather information as we determine whether action by the university is warranted.”

Some witnesses reported that the banner had been hanging for about 30 minutes before it was taken down. Others suggested that the banner had been up for no more than 5 minutes.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that the MTSU Sigma Pi fraternity has violated the university’s policies. In 2013, the Office of Judicial Affairs found that the fraternity had participated in hazing and conducted dangerous activities involving alcohol. As a result, the fraternity was put on probation during the spring 2014 semester. 

Sources: WKRN, WREG

Photo Credit: WKRN


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