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MTA Worker's Comments On Teen's Suicide Spark Outrage

A sophomore student a Fordham Preparatory School in New York reportedly committed suicide by throwing himself in front of a Metro-North train passing through the Bronx on Feb. 1. 

The unidentified student's death was described as “tragic” by the school's president, the Rev. Christopher J. Devron, according to The Journal News. 

But not everyone was sympathetic to the teen’s death.

An MTA employee stuck at Grand Central Terminal allegedly said: “Some guy got killed! I hope the motherf----r suffered!” over the loud speaker, the New York Post reported.

Commuters were dismayed; Twitter user Miriam Ward she was “speechless” over the outburst.

The teen’s death caused severe delays into the evening, which MTA addressed in a statement on Feb. 2: "We realize that last night's commute home was fraught with delays, congestion and crowded conditions. We thank you for your patience and your understanding as we attempted to provide the best service possible during an extremely difficult situation.”

The employee’s comment is reportedly being investigated by MTA officials.

“Such language and sentiment has no place on Metro-North Railroad,” spokeswoman Mere­dith Daniels said. “We are aware of these allegations and are looking into them.”

Sources: The Journal News, New York Post / Photo credit: m01229/Flickr

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