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Moviegoer is Shot, Killed for Texting in ‘Lone Survivor’ Film (Video)

Retired police officer Curtis Reeves allegedly shot and killed Chad Oulson, who was texting during previews before the film “Lone Survivor” today.

Reeves, 71, and his wife were reportedly sitting in the row behind Oulson and his wife Nicole in a movie theater in Wesley Chapel, Fla.

"The victim was using his cellphone, he was texting, he was making a lot of noise,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told CNN (video below).

“This led to a verbal altercation, the verbal alternation escalated to where the suspect pulled out a .380 and he shot the [moviegoer],” added Sheriff Nocco. “I can confirm that the victim died of the injuries. There was another person injured.”

Nicole was reportedly shot in the hand by the same bullet, which fatally struck her husband in the chest, reports 10 News. Her bullet injury is non-life threatening.

“It’s absolutely crazy it would rise to this level over somebody just texting in a movie theater,” Sheriff Nocco told My Fox Tampa Bay.

Reeves was arrested and charged with second-degree murder.

Sources: My Fox Tampa Bay, 10 News, CNN


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