New York City Man Allegedly Performs Genital Mutilation On His Wife


A New York City man brutally mutilated a woman’s genitalia after he raped her, police said Tuesday.

Moussa Diarra, 48, an African native, wanted to have anal intercourse with his 24-year-old wife. When she refused, he forcibly sodomized her before attempting to circumcise the woman around 9 p.m. Sept. 14 at his Manhattan apartment, the New York Post reports.

The victim called police about a week after the assault. Diarra, who is a native of the Ivory Coast, where male and female circumcision is widespread, was arrested on Sept. 23, according to court records.

He used a razor blade to cut the woman’s genitals “for his own direct sexual gratification,” the New York Daily News reports.

Diarra was indicted by a jury six days later on charges of forcible sex act, aggravated sexual assault by compulsion, attempted assault with intent to disfigure or dismember and assault with intent to cause physical injury with a weapon, according to court documents.

Diarra, who came to the United States in 1990, denied the charges, saying: "I never cut her. I don't know how (she got cut).” The woman only accused him when their relationship became strained after she believed that Diarra was seeing someone else, the suspect charged.

He is being held at the Manhattan Detention Center on $20,000 cash bail or $40,000 bond. He is set to appear in court on Oct. 27.

Sources: New York PostNew York Daily News

Image Credits: Antediluvial, Nick Allen/Flickr


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