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Mouse Pops Up On Officer's Windshield (Photo)

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A tiny rodent has captured hearts nationwide after it attempted to hitch a ride on the windshield of a Californian police officer's car.

"We are not sure if this was an attempted car jacking but this little mouse popped up on the windshield of Deputy Brandon Dennington's K9 vehicle," the Alameda County Sheriff's Office wrote while sharing a photo of the mouse on their Facebook page.

Deputy Brandon Dennington says the mouse popped onto his K9 vehicle's windshield while he was driving to see the Golden State Warriors beat the San Antonio Spurs for a work assignment.

"Deputy Dennington was able to use de-escalation techniques and get the rabid fan off his car," continued the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. "Luckily, he was able to snap this photo of the elusive bandit. The suspect was last seen on foot running to a hiding spot. The suspect is 4 inches tall, weighing 1 ounce and wearing a [gray] and white [furry] coat."

"Further investigation revealed the suspect was likely a San Antonio Spurs fan trying to intimidate us," they added.

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On Twitter, the department confirmed the mouse was safely on the ground now and "looking for a new ride."

The photo quickly spread around the nation.

"Saw this on our local news here in Kentucky," tweeted one woman. "So awesome! What a great photo opportunity. It's too bad you couldn't catch it, handcuff it, and read him his rights!"

"It's so nice to have a good story," wrote one person on Facebook. "Thank you for all you do!!!"

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"So cute but I would have hit the windshield wipers and screamed," chimed in a third.

It's not the first time a fluffy creature joined a police officer on duty and melted hearts everywhere reports HuffPost.

In October 2017, a cat called Tia the Birman joined her owner, Senior Constable Kerry Morrell, for a day at his station in New Zealand.

Morrell outfitted the cat in a high-visibility harness, while the police department captured footage of the kitty's first day "on the job."

The cat is seen exploring Morrell’s workspace and walking over a squad car, while later "helping" with "admin, paperwork, and the odd bit of light typing," a police spokeswoman said

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