14-Month-Old Mountain Lion Discovered In California Mobile Home Park (Photo)


A mountain lion walking through a residential California neighborhood was tranquilized and placed back into the wild on Friday.

Officials from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife arrived at a mobile home community in Newbury Park, after one person spotted the 75-pound female cat. The cat was hiding under a trailer when officials found it, according to department spokesperson Janice Mackey.

“When they shined a flashlight on her, she got scared and crawled deeper under the trailer,” Mackey said.

Deputies from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department secured an area within the mobile home community, then hit the lion with a tranquilizer dart. Following a medical examination of the lion, an ear tag was discovered from a previous National Parks Service study.

The lion was outfitted with a tracking collar and released into the wild around midnight.

The animal never responded aggressively and no injuries were reported. The 14-month old cat was probably lost after separating from its family, according to Mackey.

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Sources: DailyMail, LA Times / Photo Credit: Sherry Kempster


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