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Mount Everest Covered In Human Waste From Climbers

The government of Nepal claims that hundreds of climbers are leaving large amounts of feces and urine on Mount Everest.

"Climbers usually dig holes in the snow for their toilet use and leave the human waste there," Ang Tshering, chief of Nepal's mountaineering association, told reporters yesterday.

People climb the famous mountain during mountaineering season, which runs from March until May, noted the Associated Press.

Camps at the base have toilet tents, but once climbers ascend the mountain they go to the bathroom when and where they want.

Nepal passed a rule last year that each climber has to bring down 18 pounds of trash, and leave a $4,000 deposit, which is forfeited for non-compliance.

The Nepal government plans to enforce the rule better this year, reports Reuters.

Sources: Reuters, Associated Press
Image Credit: Dnor


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