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Alleged Drunk Driver Says Doctor Told Him To Drink (Photo)

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A Massachusetts driver charged with running into an elderly man on Aug. 5 says his doctor told him to drink that day.

Clinton Taylor, 49, had a blood alcohol level three times above the legal limit when he ran into the 69-year-old man on a crosswalk in Springfield, reports Mass Live.

After hitting the man, police say Taylor drove off before quickly returning. Police and paramedics were administering first aid to the seriously injured victim when he reportedly came back to see what he hit.

"He was unsure what he hit, but it was a large object," he told police, according to the report.

Taylor now says a doctor told him to drink alcohol that day to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

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"He went on to say that he can get his doctor to provide a note stating this," the report said.

Taylor was arrested, released on $5,000 bail and ordered to stay away from alcohol while the charges are pending. His license has also been suspended for 180 days.

Taylor has pleaded not guilty to the various charges, which include driving under the influence of liquor, leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, negligent driving and driving with an open container in his vehicle.

Many are skeptical a doctor would advise a patient to drink alcohol.

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"I can't think of one doctor in town that would tell their patient to drink," wrote one person on Mass Live's comment section. "That would be like a [doctor] telling their patient to smoke a carton a day. Even worse if this guy's doctor told him to drink now the doctor is liable for the victim's injuries."

"I can't wait to see what this 'Doctor's note' looks like," added another. "I imagine something written from a shaky hand on the back of a cocktail napkin or a coaster."

"Guessing his doctor didn't say 'go pound 4 Natty Daddys and get behind the wheel of a car,'" wrote a third.

A day later, another alleged drunk driver in Massachusetts also captured national attention for a crash, reports WBZ.

One day after Taylor allegedly ran over the elderly man, a Massachusetts mother on her way to Canada with her three children crashed her car in Vermont.

Authorities say Heidi Young, 44, was drunk. No one was seriously injured in the crash.

"She put the lives of all the children in her vehicle at risk, as well as the lives of all the people in front of her at risk, and essentially everyone else on the road," said Vermont State Trooper Benjamin Weed.

Sources: Mass Live, WBZ / Featured Image: Clock/Wikimedia Commons  /Embedded Images: Springfield Police Department/Mass Live, U.S. Navy photo by Journalist Seaman Joseph Caballero/Wikimedia Commons

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