Motorist Reportedly Punched Cop Before Fatal Shooting


A man who was fatally shot by an off-duty police officer reportedly punched the officer before his death.

Delrawn Small, 37, of Brooklyn, New York, appears to punch the off-duty officer, Wayne Isaacs, on a surveillance video from Touch of Glass on the street where the incident occurred, according to the New York Post. Small's girlfriend, 35-year-old Zaquanna Albert, can reportedly be seen attempting to hold Small back from punching Isaacs, but she wasn't able to restrain him.

The incident began with a near-miss crash when the officer's and Small's cars almost collided on July 3. Small then reportedly exited his car and is seen leaning into Isaacs' driver's-side window.

The couple's 5-month-old son was reportedly in the car, along with one of Albert's teenage daughters.

"The video shows the guy coming out of his f------ car, running up to [the cop’s] car, going in the driver’s-side window and just punching the s--- of this poor cop. Then all of a sudden you see sparks,” said the owner of Touch of Glass, who said that after the gunshot, Small fell to the ground. The owner said that Small unleashed "maybe four punches," on the officer, and that they were "big haymakers."

The reports of the incident have been conflicting -- Albert initially told police that Isaacs had left his car before shooting Small, but sources in the police said that was not the case.

Isaacs shot Small once in the head and once in the chest. Small died at the scene, his body remaining on the street, covered in a plastic sheet, for about four hours after his death.

A law enforcement official said Small was unarmed during the incident. According to BET, another police source defended Isaacs' decision to shoot Small, saying, "The bottom line is, what the f--- would you get out of your car for? What if those punches turn into [Small] stabbing [Isaacs] in the face?"

The NYPD is reportedly investigating the shooting with the New York State Attorney General's Office.

Small's family members and loved ones have expressed their grief at his death, with Albert posting on Facebook,  "Words can't begin to explain. The pain I feel right now. I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes. But my heart aches for this Man and my son who will never remember his Dad and a Great dad he was to my Baby," according to the Daily Mail.

Small's niece, Zoe Dempsey, 23, said that if Isaacs was not charged for killing Small, the family would seek its own justice, threatening to "hunt him down," adding that she would "get violent if necessary."

"This is war. I’m from Brooklyn. This is our neighborhood," said Dempsey.

Security will reportedly be posted outside of Isaacs' home.

Sources: NY Post (2), Daily Mail, BET / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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