Motorcyclist Saves Two Teens From A Gun-Wielding Driver

On the afternoon of March 29, two 17-year-old boys crossed a street in front of 59-year-old Edward West’s truck in Salem, Oregon. West yelled at the teens to get out of the street, and they responded by shouting back, KPTV reported.

West drove his truck into a parking lot to confront the teens, which led to a verbal altercation, according to deputies. West slapped one of the teens as they tried to walk away and then grabbed a small handgun out of his trunk and told them to "get ready to die."

A good Samaritan on a green motorcycle came to the rescue and knocked the gun out of West's hand using his helmet. The teens escaped unharmed.

West was arrested and charged with unlawful use of a weapon, menacing and fourth-degree assault.

“There's been several incidents where Mr. West has been rude to kids,” local resident Darren Ruckard said. “Maybe this will teach him a lesson.”

Police are trying to track down the motorcyclist and any other witnesses. 

Source: KPTV / Image via KPTV


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