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Motorcyclist Who Was Driving with Suspended License Breaks Another Law – on Camera

What seemed like an odd enough incident – a driver coming to a stop for no apparent reason in the middle of Highway 101 near the Golden Gate Bridge – was soon followed by an increasingly bizarre set of events.

Stanley Roberts captured the incidents on camera for the Crime 4 segment “People Behaving Badly.”

A short while after the driver stopped, a motorcyclist who happened to be driving past missed his exit. Rather than continuing on to the next exit, however, he pulled into the opposite lane and drove down the wrong lane.

The motorcyclist’s actions only became more unexpected from that point on: having driven down the wrong lane, he then parked his bike and crossed 50 yards – two lanes – of traffic to come back and confront the cameraman.

The entire interaction from that point on was caught on camera.

“Yeah, I know, I couldn’t stop fast enough,” the biker says when Roberts comments on his risky traffic maneuver.

He proceeds to become increasingly heated about the fact that he is being filmed, and even demands Roberts’ ID. Although Roberts complies and hands it over, the motorcyclist seems no less incensed.

“Don’t stick your camera in people’s faces!” he exclaims while holding up his motorcycle helmet to block his face from view.

The motorcyclist starts walking away, only to decide that he hasn’t yet spoken his piece: he returns to shower the cameraman with a slew of curses before storming away again.

Little did he know, however, that Roberts’ lens wasn’t the only one trained on him throughout the driving infraction and ensuing interaction: the Golden Gate Bridge control also noted the incident, and called the California Highway Patrol.

When the patrol officers intervened, they discovered that a bad temper wasn’t the motorcyclist’s problem: he had been driving with a suspended license and without insurance.

Ultimately, thanks to his illegal driving maneuvers and a mouth he just couldn’t keep shut, the biker’s motorcycle was impounded for 30 days.

Sources: Live LeakThe Blaze

Photo Source: The Blaze


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