Motorcyclist Walks Away From Deadly Crash (Video)

Missouri motorcyclist Britt Hamilton is lucky to be alive after smashing into an SUV and bouncing off of its windshield.

The 20-year-old was driving his newly painted bike when he crossed an intersection on a green light and plowed into a car. In surveillance footage, Hamilton can be seen smashing head-first into the SUV.

In the midst of the impact, Hamilton’s shoe can be seen flying off.

Despite the violent crash, Hamilton immediately stands and appears unharmed. After he was taken to the hospital doctors confirmed that he had only suffered minor scrapes and bruises.

“My wrist is swollen. My lip is messed up a little bit,” Hamilton said. “I’m surprised I didn’t get a broken bone or something.”

Hamilton noted that he always wears a helmet when he rides, which doctors attributed his minimal injuries to.

Hamilton said he hoped the video would remind drivers to watch out for motorcycles.

An investigation is currently underway into the driver of the SUV, who had a learner’s permit at the time of crash.

Sources: NY Daily News, ABC News


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