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Motorcyclist Performs Stunts During Police Chase, Crowd Cheers (Video)

A suspect identified by police as Phillip Resendez led California Highway Patrol officers on a wild chase in Southern California on Wednesday.

Officers tried to stop and arrest Resendez for allegedly recklessly driving his motorcycle in La Habra, California (video below).

However, Resendez evaded police, stood on the seat of his bike while weaving through traffic and made obscene gestures, reported

Resendez eventually surrendered at a gas station in Ontario, California. He was charged with driving on the wrong side of the road and failure to yield.

While the local media shamed Resendez, crowds cheered him. After his arrest, Resendez complained about the actions of the CHP.

"Did he [officer] seriously have to try and kick me off my bike?" Resendez told NBC Los Angeles.

Resendez was apologetic to his daughters, and expressed regret for disappointing them.

Sources:, NBC Los Angeles
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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