Motorcyclist Killed After Power Cable Falls And Wraps Around His Neck


A 33-year-old motorcyclist was killed in a freak accident involving a falling high voltage cable.

According to reports, 33-year-old Shaiming Liang was riding his motorcycle along a main road in the Jiangxi province of China when a falling power cable snapped and hit in the head, wrapping around his neck and instantly setting the man on fire. After the man set fire, the motorcycle he was riding exploded and killed him instantly.

“It was horrible. I heard a bang and someone scream, and when I looked I saw smoke coming from a crash scene,” 27-year-old witness Gang Shih said following the freak accident. “At first I didn't realise [sic] that the crash was just one person. But then I saw it was just a bike and no other vehicles, and that a high voltage cable had fallen on the driver. The smoke was coming from the man, if was as if pouring out from his body and then he burst into flames. I'll never forget the's burned into my memory.”

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Firemen were able to get the main line of electricity turned off after responding to the scene and were finally able to recover the man’s body. Now, disturbing pictures of the accident are emerging, providing troubling insight into how this tragedy occurred so randomly.

Sources:Daily Mail, The Inquisitr / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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