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Motorcyclist Injured in Youtube-Inspired Duct Tape Prank

A motorcyclist was injured Wednesday night after running into clear duct tape that had been stretched across a Los Angeles road.

The man was caught in the tape, which was placed four feet above the ground, just before 11p.m. on Oak Grove Driver. He was immediately rushed to the hospital with injuries.

The extent of the driver’s injuries is unknown.

Ten-year-old Dessi Sieburth said the joke wasn’t funny, criticizing the pranksters for having nothing better to do but hurt others.

Authorities say the prank was inspired by a series of Youtube videos.

While some pranksters stretch the tape across a road, others lay it on the ground for cars to roll over. When the tape gets caught on a tire, drivers are forced to pull over and remove the tape.

“I know a lot of kids who watch YouTube videos and imitate it,” resident Beatrix Schwartz said. “Teenagers and kids they do things like that, but I think that goes too far.”

Cyclist Ryan Monroe, who rides his bike in the area, added he now worries about pranks like this in the neighborhood. He voiced concern over his bike light, which would give little warning to such a prank during the night.

Monroe was disturbed by the idea the injuries could have been his own.

Sources: CBS News, Laist


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