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Motorcyclist Hit by Car, Flips Across Intersection, Casually Walks Away (Video)

Michael Smith was riding his motorcycle through an intersection in Clearwater, Fla., when he collided with a car, which made an illegal turn, on May 24.

A red light camera filmed (video below) Smith literally flipping in the air before landing in the middle of the intersection, reports

After his accident, Smith casually gets up and starts walking off in the other direction.

"Wow, that's crazy, I straight up walked away. Wait, go back!" Smith told 10 News while viewing the video of his accident.

"I was literally upside down thinking, 'I can land on my head or my feet,'" added Smith. "I didn't have a helmet on, as you can see. I called my boy, said, 'Come get me, somebody hit me.'"

Unfortunately for Smith, he doesn't have a replacement for his totaled bike, which makes it hard for him to get to the IHOP where he works.

Police ticketed the driver for the illegal left turn and suspended his license. Police also gave Smith a ticket for not having a motorcycle license.

"I learned if it is a yellow light, don't go through it," stated Smith, who plans to get a new motorcycle.

Sources: and 10 News


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