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Motorcyclist Asks Wife and Mother to Take Blame After Causing Fatal Accident

A Monroeville man has been accused of homicide after allegedly causing a motorcycle crash that killed the other driver. As if that wasn't enough, he then reportedly told his mother and wife to take the blame for the crime.

Allegheny County police arrested 32-year-old Fremont Mathias for driving his motorcycle into an oncoming lane on Hochberg Road and hitting another motorcyclist, who died because of the accident, according to CBS News.

Mathias was also charged with driving with a suspended license, in addition to driving recklessly, according to WPXI.

After the accident, Mathias reportedly walked back to his house and tried to convince his mother and wife to take responsibility for his actions.

Barry Bioni, one of the close friends of Lawrence Matvey, 69, who died in the motorcycle accident, said he felt profoundly disturbed by Matvey’s death.

“(Matvey) was a skilled rider,” Bioni said. “There a no question about it. A cautious rider I might add.”

Sources: CBS News, WPXI


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