Motorcyclist And Driver In Wild Road Rage (Video)


"Roni g," a motorcyclist, posted a YouTube video (below) on April 4 of a road rage incident involving himself and the driver of a red car in the Miami area. Roni g has been identified as Rone Gonzalez, 23. 

In the video, the car appears to swerve in front of Gonzalez, almost causing a crash. Gonzalez tries to get away from the car by driving on the other side of the road into oncoming traffic, notes the Daily Mail.

The motorcycle moves back into the lane going the right direction, but, moments later, the same car roars up next to him.

The car's driver sticks his head out of the window and appears to try to film Gonzalez on a cell phone. The two men change words and gestures, but it's not clear what they say. After this second confrontation, Gonzalez rides away.

The car's driver, later identified as Kristiian Rosa, told WPLG: "The driver of that motorcycle vandalized the car. He had no intention of stopping, then he breaks my side mirror in the heat of the moment." 

Rosa added: 

I'm not proud of what I did. All I can say is that I learned a big lesson. A lot of things could have happened in that short time. It only takes a second for an accident to happen, yet we both took no consideration over our loved ones or the people around us at the time. Lesson learned. All lives matter. 

Gonzalez wouldn't speak to the TV station, but wrote the following statement on his YouTube station, according to the Daily Mail:

Please understand everyone, that I'm not an experienced rider. 

I will admit when I am wrong. All of this stuff wasn't on purpose but an attempt to get away, I didn't chose to (get into) on coming traffic, he blocked my path in both lanes. I didn't want to harm myself or other people. No one got hurt. Everyone, even the guy, goes home.

A police report is the most I will do. No one got hurt everyone goes home. That's the end goal.

If I was more experienced, then yes, it could have been different, but I was in fear of my life and panicking.

Homestead police have arrested both men involved in the incident. Rosa is charged with felony Aggravated Assault with a motor vehicle and misdemeanor reckless driving. Gonzalez is charged with misdemeanor reckless driving.


Sources: WPLG, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Roni G/YouTube

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