Motorcycle Cop Photographed Texting While Driving 80 Miles Per Hour


A motorist on the highway in Tempe, Ariz., took a picture of a motorcycle police officer texting while operating his motorcycle this week.

The man who took the photo said the officer was on his phone for several minutes while traveling more than 80 mph on Tuesday evening.

"I kind of looked over and I saw it and it dawned on me what I just saw and I looked again and that's when I took the picture," said Justin Argall.

Police issued a statement in response to the incident.

"The Tempe Police Department does not condone this type of distracted driving," reads the statement. "In fact we have instituted specific policies prohibiting texting while operating police vehicles. Texting while driving or performing any activities that take away attention from the driving task are extremely dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible.  Training will be provided to reduce the chance of our officers putting themselves in similar dangerous situations in the future."

The Tempe Police Department did not publicly identify the officer, but said he has been counseled and this incident is now considered closed.

Sources: AZFamily, MSN


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