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Mother's Worst Nightmare Comes True When She Makes Disturbing Discovery Outside Her House

A Wisconsin mother woke up one snowy morning to find her 2-year-old daughter lying outside.

Courtney Mazur woke up early to warm up her fiance’s truck outside when she made the discovery, KMSP reports.

"We have motion sensor lights outside, and when I opened the door ever so slightly, the light turned on and I found my daughter," she said.

As she walked further, the mother found her child, Raelyn, "lying face down on my patio with her eyes open like a porcelain doll.”

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Courtney says her 5-year-old stepdaughter, Melody, and Raelyn went outside to play sometime between late evening and early morning.

But while Melody decided to come back inside, Raelyn must have chosen to keep playing.

While Melody left the main door unlocked, she accidentally ended up locking the screen door.

"I don't think [Raelyn] knows how to open, to push the button to get in the screen," Courtney said.

Raelyn was still alive when her mother found her and the child was quickly airlifted from a local hospital to Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, her GoFundMe page says.

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The child was in the ICU before five days “before her brain swelled, which eventually led to complete brain death.”

The family was heartbroken.

“Life is not the same without my precious angel, and I would give anything to have taken her place,” Courtney wrote.

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The family donated the child’s organs to two older woman in the hopes of saving their lives.

Other loved ones mourned their loss while donating money to help the family cover the child’s medical expenses.

“I've never missed someone as much as I miss you,” said one commenter. “I know you're still around here somewhere being you ...being amazing smart silly beautiful sweet and cray cray Razzle Dazzle Deluxe. Aunt B misses you to the moon and back times infinity every day.”

“[The child’s] outstanding hospital bills are over $200,000. I will spend the rest of my life repaying the efforts taken to save her life. Please find it in your heart to help us,” Courtney wrote.

Sources: KMSPGoFundMe / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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